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Streamline your order process today. Let E-Zorder Online give you the peace of mind that comes with automated ordering and confirmation receipt.
View reports anytime and anywhere you have internet connection. E-Zorder Online gives your company an edge over the competition and fulfills a growing demand in the market to automate orders & reports.
It is one of the best ROI tools in the industry.
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  National Solutions  

Globalization is driving US companies and organizations to conduct operations around the nation. But what happens when the operation involves multiple organizational units, using manifold supply chain and logistical support systems? This system offers a simple solution to multiple integrations of any and all ERP’s into one easy to use system.

National Purchasing Connection is a web based ordering tool that connects stores to their distributors electronically.  It simplifies the ordering process by reducing the manual efforts of fax, phone, and handwritten orders.  The application gives users a quick and straight-forward means of placing orders and viewing invoices online at their convenience.

National Purchasing Connection is written in ASP.NET technology with SQL server on the back end.  The application is monitored 24/7 with nightly back up.  It provides a single platform to automate the ordering process, giving customers a seamless system that meets their needs.

NPC interfaces with distributors to query items and pricing in real-time.  Invoices are displayed immediately upon availability from distributors’ accounting software. You have the ability to view orders online and track what was charged to the penny.   The system gives management ability to view consolidated reporting across stores and distributors, providing valuable insight into operations across multiple regions.

NPC monitors and tracks pricing, invoices, delivery dates, item usage, item return reasons and credit/exchange requests.  The system can help reveal areas of improvement and opportunity.  It can also serve as a tool to evaluate distributors by monitoring quality, returns, short on trucks, and substitutions.

National Purchasing Connection simplifies the order process for users.  It gives management the ability to assign user rights such as viewing privileges, item availability and multiple versus custom order guides.  National Purchasing Connection can serve as a tool to monitor daily activity; helping to increase accuracy of orders, deliveries, invoices and reports.

National Purchasing Connection Features:

1. Online Order Entry

2. Customized & Categorized Commodity Management

3. Tailored Order Guides

4. Inventory Search Engine

5. Sequencing and Par Abilities

6. Email Notifications

7. Evaluate Distributor Performance

8. Credit Request Functionality

9. Ability to Pay Paperless Invoices

10. Reports– Order Status, Usage, Trends, Account Balance, and even a database of recorded Delivery Issues! 

Currently offering National Produce Connection at www.nationalproduceconnection.com as well as National Poultry Connection at www.nationalpoultryconnection.com.  




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